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Changes Of Direction

Let's explore change and evolution...

We all go through many changes of direction throughout our life, for some reason a lot of people don't apply this to their artwork.

There is this archaic approach to the artist world. That an artist must be recognisable and stay within the bounds of the subject matter they are known for...for example Constable with landscapes. Galleries 'expect' if not demand that the subject matter and style must remain constant so that they can feel confident in the pieces they 'show'.

There is one very large issue with this out of date approach to artworks and artists themselves, things change.

Life takes us along certain paths, some positive, some not so, and these events impact upon who we are, how we visualise and interpret the world and even our self. Yet artists believe what has always been expected of their profession, must remain. They must remain painting landscapes, or abstract, or cottages, animals, in oil, watercolour...goodness knows what would happen if they shifted between paintings and textiles!

I found myself in a position once, not that many years ago, when an artist commented on my art and told me that I would find 'my style' with practice'. Hmmm, the fact that I had been creating art for over 40years seemed not to count. I didn't enter into a deep discussion at the time because, although I felt my art was 'right', was 'me', I was too irritated by the comment but wasn't clear why this had rattled me so much. Now I do understand it and it walks alongside me every day I turn to create new art. Forgive me that I have referred to this before, but there is a different point to this...I promise!

So, for those of you who may be new to my blogs or may not have read previous releases, what I am referring to is something called AUTHENTICITY. We all know the definition of the word but the meaning...hmmm not so much.

Art is 'better' when authentically part of who the artist is, at that time. I don't mean it is technically better. What I've learned and wow was it a huge turning point, was that if my art is closely connected with who I am at that heart and soul if you like, then thee seems to be a more fluid, instinctual bond between myself and what I create. Whenever a piece of work has this attracts people like a moth to the blue florecent light. I've asked them why, what drew them to that piece and even they aren't sure! It's a connection that is silent, covert, personal, subconscious but very very real and powerful.

Once I'd realised the fact that I couldn't force this bond, this connection. That I actually had to tune into the point. My artwork could weave between the fine art portraiture, the impressionist landscapes, the mythological representations of folklore, the textile sculpture, the hand wood carving...the only element that I needed to ensure was present was to be tuned in to myself. To recognise that I am different from yesterday, last month, last year, five years ago!

As myself and my life are going through a more major, greater change than the small daily ones, I am recognising that I'm playing catch-up!

I am needing to 'play' with my art more, find that bond to where I am right now. My artwork will not be the same as prior to this seismic period of change. It will take time and a willingness to explore the ways that I am different and slowly this will transfer through into my artwork.

At the moment, I'm uncomfortable with some of what I am creating. It feels out of kilter, but rather than panic and label this period of flux, I shall embrace it with the knowledge of what is occurring.

Don't panic, tighten up or become, instead 'play', seek, experiment and then those changes of direction within me will line up with my art and onto a different evolved path. The difference may visually be subtle or maybe major! But it will find its footing again and I will look , feel and silently say...'ahh, there you are...hello me'

This will present a challenge to the galleries that show my art, however what I have learned over the years, is that the galleries actually respond well to my evolving work and changes of direction...they connect to that authenticity and say 'yes'...

See you again soon xx


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