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When the sense of becoming overwhelmed begins...

This year so far has been full of challenges; personal and as an artist.

The strain was beginning to show, to me at least and the more I struggled the more I expected of myself. Stronger, quicker superhuman...I was actually managing this quite well...even when a large publication asked to produce a Special Feature on me and my artwork for their magazine. Photoshoot, reporter grew and grew until I ended up on the front cover! All fantastic except I have to be on the main, an reclusive remember? So all is done, achieved, survived until I'm in contact with the unpleasantness of particular individuals within the world

I was already dealing with PTSD since 2011, was having health issues and direct contact with human beings is not on my priority list!

So the artwork release, my air, my saviour...and a smile can hide a million hurts...

Art can be many things...simply a pretty picture is not one of them.


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